Today, Razer announced a partnership with Chinese leading Internet service provider Tencent Holdings Limited to deliver the next level mobile gaming experience. With this, the two companies are going to join forces to further expand the hardware, software, and services limits of mobile gaming, a market that currently has 2.4 billion active consumers all over the world. Tencent is the publisher of several big mobile hits such as PUBG Mobile or Honour of Kings (also known under the name Arena of Valor in some markets).

H2x1 Nswitchds Arenaofvalor Image1600w
Tencent is the publisher of many major mobile titles such as Arena of Valor or PUBG Mobile

Back in 2017, Razer created a brand new class of mobile phone by releasing its Razer phone – a device many regarded as the first gaming-oriented smartphone.  Since then, many other companies such as Asus or Xiaomi have followed its example and come up with their own gaming phones. Now, Razer is moving towards the next stage in its mobile gaming strategy, one that concentrates on an ecosystem approach.


The partnership between the two companies will reportedly put a heavy emphasis on the following aspects:


Tencent will work in close connection with Razer to optimize its games for the latter’s hardware, which the Razer Phones and other accessories such as mobile game controllers.

Serval 08
The Razer Raiju mobile game controller


Another part of the collaboration is that the two companies will also look into more opportunities of monetization for mobile gaming, which could include Tencent integrating services provided by Razer, and more.


In addition to the hardware, mobile games from Tencent will also be optimized for Razer’s platforms and software such as the Razer Cortex app.

For those who don’t know, Razer Cortex is an Android app that provides services such as optimizing the performance of mobile games, recommending the latest game deals, and more.

Razer Tencent Partnership
Razer Cortex is a mobile app that provides several gaming services

Moreover, this collaboration will open up the possibilities for Tencent to use Razer’s technologies such as THX Spatial Audio or Chroma RGB lighting in its games.