Razer, the world's famous brand of gaming gears, announced the Razer Phone 2 today. The Razer Phone, released in 2017, was a phone created for gamers, aims to bring the best gaming experience on mobile platforms. So, what's new about Razer Phone 2? Can Razer has outdone themselves once again, with their newest flagship?

Even better performance

According to Razer, the new phone will bring to gamers up to 30% more performance than the 2017 model. The phone is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset, with Adreno 630 GPU. This pair of powerful chips is enough to run almost any games at the moment. Combining with Razer's new thermal cooling technology, the phone is said to provide users with high overall FPS, which leads to a great gaming experience.

Camera tailored for streaming

The Razer Phone 2 features a dual-camera setup, with a 12 MP wide-angle lens and a 12 MP telephoto lens. Plus with the Sony IMX sensors, the image output will have low noise and a wide color range. At the front is an 8 MP camera, supports video streaming at full HD resolution. This is a feature aiming toward professional streamers.

Colorful RGB

As a product from Razer, the Razer Phone 2 features Chroma RGB lighting system, which is loved by gamers all over the world. On the rear of the phone is the LED logo of Razer, which supports a display of 16.8 million colors. There is also a custom lighting effect, like most gaming gear with LED effects. The effects available are Static, Spectrum Cycling and Breathing.

Full utility options

One of the new features of Razer Phone 2, is the support of Wireless charging. This is made available due to the new glass-back design of the phone. Razer also announced its wireless charger, also with Chroma RGB lighting system. The phone supports quick charge, too, with the built-in QuickCharge 4+ standard from Qualcomm.

The Razer Phone 2 also resisted to dust and water, with IP67 standard.

120 Hz display

Same with the predecessor, Razer Phone 2 still features a 120 Hz display, which is said to provide the smoothest gaming experience possible. The 5.7-inch UltraMotion IGZO display provides to the user both a 120 Hz refresh rate and 120 Hz touch sampling, which is still the only phone in the world that can do that. The brightness is said to be 50% higher than the first Razer Phone.

Dual front speakers

The phone features dual speakers on the top and bottom bezels, combined with the new hardware and Dolby Atmos, making the sound even louder and clearer than before. The design of the phone also makes sure that your hands will not obstruct the speaker while playing.

More than 10 hours of battery life

Inside the Razer Phone 2 is a 4000 mAH battery, optimized to reach the greatest gaming screen time. According to Razer, the Razer Phone 2 will last 10 hours at 120 Hz display mode. The phone is also optimized for all the popular mobile games, like “PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds Mobile (PUBG Mobile),” “Rival Crimson x Chaos,” “Marvel Future Fight,” “Guns of Boom,” “RuneScape” and more.

The Razer Phone 2 will be available for pre-order on razer.com, starting from today. The price of this flagship is $799 minimum, depends on the hardware setting.