The adult movie industry in Japan has developed impressively in recent years and become an ideal destination for many beautiful girls and hot girls. Many believe that this industry offers them the shortest way to change their life completely, receive a huge amount of money, as well as to gain fame like AV actress Yua Mikami or Arina Hashimoto.

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However, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. It turns out the Japanese AV movie industry is much harsher than many think. Popular AV actress Kokona Yuzuki who has just quitted the job after her scandal gives us the most obvious example.

Kokona Yuzuki has made a strong impression on the netizens due to her beautiful appearance, prominent talent, and cute voice. It took a big surprise that she has recently announced to quit the job. This AV actress, in fact, is known as one of the most potential idols with a lot of best-selling products and a huge number of fans. She soon revealed the reason behind her decision on Twitter.

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On her Twitter page, Yuzuki said that she hated a world like the AV movie industry in which actresses can’t sell their products if they don’t agree to sleep with their managers. If she accepts, she is still an actress. However, she will never accept such “cheap things” in her life.

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She revealed the reason behind her decision.

Yuzuki’s incident apparently started from her feeling very disappointed with the AV industry when her manager sent her sexual solicitations and promised to help her sell more products to the market. The AV actress felt insulted and realized what the dark side of this industry was. That’s why she decided to put an end to her career.

Many think that what Yuzuki experienced was just an underground rule in this industry. Besides quitting the job, the beautiful actress has moved to work as a voice actor.


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