In a Microsoft event named Future Decoded that was held yesterday in Mumbai, Chairman Mukesh Ambani of Reliant Industries organized a chat event with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella (who is an Indian American originally from Hyderabad) about a variety of topics including startups, data consumption and gaming in India, amongst others.

According to Ambani, Gaming could definitely be the next big thing in India - as the communication division of his company, Jio, has been making various forays into the video game market in the country. Last year, the company created a Jio TV set, with a top box that can also support online gaming. The box is also compatible with all major controllers - with the ability to deliver gaming experiences with zero latency. Afterward, Jio also announced its new partnership with the two biggest giants in the tech industry, Microsoft and Tencent for supports in gaming assets.


During the event, Ambai told Nadella that Gaming is still an unexplored market in India - and because of that, Microsoft's Project XCloud would be a great help in increasing the broadband speed and cloud adoption to accelerate the scene. According to Ambani, in the future, gaming could even be bigger than movies, music and TV shows combined.


He also added that India's telecom networks have been improved greatly, with various parts of the country reached global standards. Jio has accomplished a lot in India - they have improved the quality of the network and dropped the price of data greatly, which in turn increases the amount of data consumed by the populace. In the last three years, over 380 million people have joined Jio's India 4G network.

Overall, Reliant's partnership with Microsoft would open up various opportunities for both the gaming industry and the internet infrastructure of the country. We might see great things in the future. Interested in more information related to the gaming industry? Please check out this post for the reason why all video game companies are changing into the subscription model.