It’s a normal thing to see people jumping from one job to another, but they usually have a connection to each other. Rarely do we see such a drastic career switch like that of Renee Gracie. The former Australian V8 Supercar driver gave up on her career to enter the adult film industry. This sudden decision left Renee's fans gobsmacked as she quit her seven-year racing career for “losing passion”. 

Renee Gracie 31
Renee quits her racing career

Renee's story immediately made headlines, turning her into a social media sensation. And just recently, she once more went viral with a steamy video of her in the bathtub. The porn star sat there in her birthday suit, flaunting the jaw-dropping curves. The 2-second video has over 300,000 views and counting.

Just a few years ago, Renee Gracie was the first full-time female Supercar Racer in all of Australia. But, things started to go south for the aspiring racer. She suffered from a performance dip, poor results, which eventually leads to a substantial lack of funding. Renee was replaced by another driver in 2017. Struggling with financial difficulties, she decided to put a hold on her motorsports dream.

Renee Gracie 30
She now earns a fortune selling NSFW content

After giving up her “need for speed”, Renee worked at a local yard sale before entering the adult entertainment industry. She now sells steamy pictures and videos to customers via the subscription platform OnlyFans. In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, Renee felt unapologetic and content with her decision. She said it was "the best thing I have done my whole life”. 

Renee Gracie 29
The former SuperCar Driver does not regret her decision

Working in the adult entertainment industry had put Renee in a stable financial position. In fact, the ex-professional driver is now pulling more than decent hauls from the website. She earned INR 1.5 lakh in her first week alone. She currently earns up to INR 1.3 crore (US$17,350) a week from selling nude photos and pornographic videos. The porn star also reported that she pays off a 30-year housing loan in just 12 months. 

Renee Gracie 28
Renee is in a place she's never dreamt about

More importantly, Renee said her family is of full support to her unusual career change. They’re proud of what she has achieved, especially the financial position that she’s in now. From the perspective of what she has accomplished so far, it has been a success.

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