The popular pornstar Riley Reid took part in an Instagram Q&A, urging her fans to ask any questions that they wanted. She posted a picture of herself, poking out her tongue as pretty much a “thumbnail” for the session. The pornstar’s post quickly racked up over 3.5 lakh likes and the social media platform was buzzing with questions about her love life. 

2 Pornhub riley reid post
The post received a lot of attention from social media users

When a fan asked Riley whether she had a boyfriend, she replied that she’s single. This set the sessions on fire. More questions started to emerge, with many asking the adult performer to go out on a date. However, the 29-year-old Riley gently declined all of the offers and went on to explain why dating can be super difficult when you work in the adult entertainment industry. 

Riley confirmed with a fan’s wondering, saying that she’s constantly annoyed by the way others look at her just for sex as they do on a date. She can’t really have a person or a friend to hang out with normally. “I wanna be a whole person not just a porn star.”

2 Pornhub riley reid hard to date
Riley Reid says it's really hard for her to date men

It’s not the first time Riley Reid opens up about the challenges in her love life. In a YouTube Q&A that happened recently, the pornstar revealed that some men used her to take advantage of her fame. Some partners even talked her into giving up the career in porn. 

The Florida-based bombshell thinks that it’s difficult for guys to date her because she’s financially successful. Most come to her due to her fame as a pornstar, therefore, it’s really challenging to find someone who’s authentically interested in being with her. Riley also turned down any men that found himself with the audacity to ask her to quit her job. 

2 Pornhub riley reid quit
Riley won't agree to quit her job

With all the glamour and fame, the 29-year-old pornstar still finds life “sad and lonely” at times. She doesn’t think there’s a “fairytale” ending at the end of it all. She explains that though dating is hard for everyone, working in the adult entertainment scene adds more to it. The media, TV, and all kinds of broadcasting give a false idea that she, as well as her fellow colleagues, would always find a happy ending. 

2 Pornhub riley reid doubt
She doubts that she will find a happy ending

Ashley Mathews, better known with her stage name as Riley Reid, is one of the most famous pornographic actresses as of now. She entered the adult film industry in 2010 at the age of 19 after a brief career as a stripper. Riley has won numerous awards, including the “Female Performer of the Year” at the 2016 AVN Award. The actress now holds a net worth of over $20 lakh as of 2020. 

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