According to a recent report published on April 26, Riot Games - developer of League of Legends - took actions to stop its workers to take legal steps after the fact about the bad working conditions was brought to light.

This famous gaming company took actions and two out of those suits were changed into private compromise. This means that there were two female workers were prevented from taking their company to court, as reported by Kotaku.

Group Shot
Group photo of Riot Games' employees

Responding to Kotaku’s report, the workers of Riot Games intended to leave the studio, striking as an attempt to improve understanding about their sufferings as well as what Riot was doing to keep them silent.

This piece of information stems from Waypoint, in which a source also revealed that the walkout had become a chatting topic since the first article of Kotaku was published

As a result, the chief diversity officer of Riot Games, Angela Roseboro replied to a company shared by Waypoint, known as Slack.

Angela Roseboro2
Angela Roseboro

The report was released when many game developing companies were criticized for making its employees working for long hours. As it had been reported from Epic Games and BioWare, the number of working hours per week has reached 100.

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Game developers need to improve the working condition for female employees

Since more secret has been brought to light about these companies, the way that things work will surely be changed, rather than letting it be the way it is now.