Recently, the internet has been flooded with all kinds of rumors about a new Matrix movie. Some rumors even claim that the two famous screenwriters of the original Matrix movies - Wachowskis sisters – will return to this fourth movie of the Matrix series with the AAA Hollywood star Michael B. Jordan.

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Michael B. Jordan (played Killmonger in Black Panther) is likely to be a part of the next Matrix film

Two years ago, in 2017, the rumors about the Matrix 4 movie began to show up. Warner Bros. was reported to have an ambition to “relaunch” the Matrix movie series with Michael B. Jordan and Zak Penn (co-screenwriter of the movie Ready Player One). At that time, the participation of Wachowskis sisters in the next Matrix movie was just a big question. But now, rumors are saying that at least Lana Wachowskis will be a part of the next Matrix movie, and the file will be shot in Chicago under the name of “Project Ice Cream.”

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The Wachowskis sisters can return to this next Matrix title

However, another rumor claims for sure that both Wachowskis sisters will make the next film. This rumor source even says with 100% confidence that Huge Bateup - the art director of the original Matrix film – will also be a part of the next film in the position of the production designer.

Nevertheless, no rumors can say for sure about the plot of the next Matrix film. So far, only famous author Dennis Calero has made a tweet about the plot of the next Matrix movie.

Up to this very moment, all kinds of news about the next Matrix film are just rumors, so don’t take anything too serious. But when the internet suddenly has so many rumors about a title like this, we can say for sure that something is already happening under the water.