Being announced to be the first coronavirus vaccine that was successfully developed, the Russian Coronavirus Vaccine (also known as Sputnik V) is recently stated to be 90% effective. The statement was made by the spokesman of the Health Ministry of the nation last Monday, a few hours after the US announced the release of its first vaccine Pfizer.

Although no specific studies were shown, Oksana Drapkina, the director of the Health Ministry Research Institute claimed that they have clear evidence about the effectiveness of the vaccine. Earlier, Putin’s daughter who was injected with the vaccine in the trial phase showed positive results. In addition to that, the case of millions of Russian citizens who took part in the mass vaccination program also proves the effectiveness of Sputnik V.

Sputnik V Covid 19 Vaccine
Sputnik V Covid 19 Vaccine, the first coronavirus vaccine to be successfully developed

In response to the news that the US has also developed its own vaccine, she stated that it is “good news for everyone”.

“Based on our observations, its effectiveness is also more than 90%. The appearance of another effective vaccine – this is good news for everyone,” said Oksana Drapkina from the Russian Health Ministry.

Earlier, the vaccine inoculation in Rusian was implemented on a massive scale in August. While many scientists express their skeptical opinions towards the world’s first coronavirus vaccine, it seems like the vaccine actually works. The post result of the inoculation will be soon published after the phase 3 trial expires.

Pfizer coronavirus vaccine
The US is the next country to come up with a coronavirus vaccine called Pfizer

Meanwhile in India, the curve is likely to be flattened after the country saw the hike of coronavirus new cases in the middle of September. However, there are still thousands of new cases are recorded every day. Since the beginning of the health pandemic, India has more than 85 lakh cases and more than 1,2 lakh deaths. Hope that the new coronavirus vaccine will soon reach our country to help curb the problem.

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