Fans who were worried about the future of the Deadpool franchise after Fox’s buyout by Disney can finally be at ease. Based on a recent announcement by actor Ryan Reynolds, Marvel is currently working on yet another Deadpool sequel. It is also confirmed to be R rated as well. This is a rather bold move from Disney, which was known for being the producer of family-friendly movies.

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How would Deadpool 3 fare under the management of Marvel Studios

Ryan revealed this during a talk show a while ago. Based on what he said, the whole team from Marvel is working on the third Deadpool movie – due to the acquisition, they get a lot more resources from Marvel Studios, who are the pros at making these kinds of movies. Afterward, the actor also reveals that he was auditioned for the role of Anthony Stark some time earlier this year.

Currently, there isn’t much information available about the movie, as even the position of Director was not confirmed yet. It is likely that either David Leitch or Tim Miller from the previous two Deadpool movies would be back.

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The previous two movies are both massive financial successes

Reynold has been working overtime on various projects of many different types, from the voice of Detective Pikachu to the action thriller Red Notice – and because of that, don’t expect Deadpool 3 any time soon. The earliest that they could release the movie is probably 2021.

It is likely that Deadpool would be a phase 5 movie, along with the X-men

About the cast in the upcoming movie, it is likely that Cable and Domino would make yet another appearance, with Wolverine being another possibility. Interested in more of our articles related to Marvel properties like games or movies? Please check out this post for the upcoming Marvel themed MOBA.