Ryan Reynolds made his first appearance as a Merc with a Mouth in 2016 attracted many fans including those who never knew Deadpool before. Both parts are well received by the audience and expect the producer to continue to bring new parts to Deadpool. After nearly a year everyone wondered if this would come true, and Ryan Reynolds eventually confirmed the existence of Deadpool 3.

Is this an affirmation of the existence of Deadpool 3?

During the Deadpool 2 premiere in China, Ryan mentioned that the production team was in the process of working with Deadpool 3, according to a source from Variety. Besides revealing the return of the film, Ryan also said that the third will have a change of direction completely. He also said producers often change a character or restart the movie before it's too late.

How does going to Deadpool have a completely different direction from the previous two parts? Perhaps fans will see a happier and nicer Deadpool? What helped Deadpool wipe out all the box office around the world was his rudeness and naughty, he shots and kills anyone who had an attitude with him.

Actually, this is not the first time Ryan has spoken out about completely changing the Deadpool character in a different direction. In May last year, Ryan said he did not know if he should continue to play Deadpool in an interview of the second movie.

Ryan said that there would be a character changed or a reboot of the movie

This could probably be an effect of Marvel because after officially stepping through 2019, Marvel will have full control of Deadpool through Marvel Studio. The appearance of Once Upon a Deadpool showed a brighter image of Deadpool. Will we see a completely different Wade Wilson when he joins MCU?

We should also know that Ryan's words are not always true. It is possible that there will be no Deadpool 3. However, the future for Deadpool is no limits, anything can happen.