Swimwear line La’Mariette has recently posted photos of Selena Gomez showing off her stunning smile while modeling a bikini. ELLE reported that Back To You’s voice accepted the model invitation in a bid to help her close friend.

Selena models a bikini for her friend's swimwear line.

Selena Gomez in the Caroline bikini top from La’Mariette looks like a sweet mermaid in fairy tales. Especially, some little white flowers in her long hair help increase her beauty towards new heights.

Mingus - the photographer who took the shots for the young singer - revealed that she seemed to get more strength when taking photos with Selena Gomez. Rare Beauty’s founder always knew exactly what she wanted to do. Although she wanted to hide the scar, Mingus decided to let everything be natural.

Selena 1

A few hours after being posted on the line’s Instagram account, the photo of the US singer’s sexy photo received nearly 35k likes and comments. The figures even surpassed the previous photos La’Mariette used to take. It is obvious that Selena has had a huge attraction both on social networks and in the real world.

However, instead of commenting on the design of the Caroline - the bikini Selena Gomez wore, almost all of the Instagram users have sent lots of praise to her beauty and appearance. Some said since she lost some weight successfully, she has worn bikinis more frequently and they all love it. Meanwhile, others said their idol always looks so cute and inspirational.

Selena Gomez

In fact, Selena worked hard with her personal trainer Amy to lose weight. Her diet is also strictly regulated. Furthermore, she often cooks by herself to ensure her body is getting the vital nutrients.

According to Koko, most of her exercises are a combination of cardio workouts (such as Burpees, jumping rope, or sprinting) and muscle relaxation exercises. Some of the yoga movements, dancing, or pilates also help her find more inspiration during the workouts.

Selena 2

Selena 3

Selena 5

Selena 6

Selena 7

Selena 8
Little Selena Gomez with bright eyes and a sweet smile.

Selena 9

Selena 10

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