In recent days, there has been a rapid development in the sex doll manufacturing industry. It is partly due to the gender imbalance in some countries across the world, but additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic is another reason for the sold-out of this special product.

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According to a recent report, an e-commercial company in Zhejiang, China revealed that there has been a dramatic increase in sex doll orders, especially when sex dolls are exported to some countries such as Spain, Italia, or German. In other words, a manager in a sex doll manufacturing factory in Shenzhen said that his factory has produced about 3,000 - 4,000 sex dolls per month but it still can’t meet the demand when exporting these products to European countries, the United States, and Japan.

Adult Doll

Since the COVID-19 epidemic has broken out, the number of orders in Italia and some other countries has been increased 5 times compared to the same period in the past. According to many e-commercial pages, the number of sex doll orders is reportedly twice as high as it used to.

Accordingly, the target customers of this product range from 30 - 35 years old and are economically abundant because each sex doll is sold for about Rs9,795 to over Rs2 lakhs. The price of each doll depends on the quality and special requirements of the store.


In addition, the statistic points out that there are some customers who even buy but don’t use these products at all, or they just watch or display them. And along with the time, the design and tiny details of these dolls have been improved and upgraded to become more realistic. If the COVID-19 pandemic has kept ongoing, the number of sex doll orders may soar in the upcoming time. It may be due to the fact that people in the world have more free time than ever.

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