Sales of sex dolls soar during the coronavirus pandemic, with frustrated singletons willing to pay thousands of dollars for the high-tech “love aids”. While the lockdown stops people meeting and dating in a traditional sense, makers of the love life-like vessels see this as an absolute opportunity. All across the globe, it’s not hard to see inquiries and orders for these products skyrocketing. 

sex doll sales increase
Sex Doll Demand has increased significantly during the pandemic

Ryan James is an Australian who owns a company manufacturing “companion dolls or love dolls”. He told Yahoo News that the interest in his array of products had risen significantly. “We have definitely seen a jump in sales in recent months of our dolls”, he said. The company’s website receives an increasingly higher number of clicks as well as a mountain of emails from potential customers. 

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These love vessels don't come for cheap

Over the past 8 weeks, Ryan has experienced a 35 percent increase in web volume. People are willing to pay INR 1.5 lakh - INR 2 lakh per doll. These lusty mannequins are now stocked in bulk after the global crisis delays their arrival from Chinese factories. 

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Boredom and isolation are the fuels for the massive demand

Ryan is currently running Aussie adult retailer Southern Treasures and he thinks the fuel for the company’s boosted sales is a mixture of boredom and isolation. People have less opportunity to socialize as of now due to the restrictions in place and they’re experiencing a bit of frustration. The problem of being single or obtaining a partner can be solved completely by owning a doll. It’s just something that brings a little comfort. 

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Sex Doll Genie sees the market exploding

Yahoo reports that the US market experiences a similar spike. Sex store Adam and Eve enjoys a 30 percent increase in online sales in just March and April alone. Sex Doll Genie, another sex doll manufacturer, told Forbes that it saw the demand jumping almost 50 percent during the US lockdown. 

sex doll sales SDG
SDG takes pride in producing incredibly life-like dolls

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought global interaction to a standstill, forcing the population to cut off contact with the outside world.  The disease first broke out at the end of last year in Wuhan, China, and continues to spread over the 7 continents. However, it also leads to a surge in sales of certain businesses, sex dolls included. They are the perfect solution to millions of singletons seeking action as well as couples looking to experiment alike.

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You can order one online right now

Louie Love, co-founder of Sex Doll Genie said more and more new doll owners were signing up to various forums and community to introduce themselves. Existing owners express how glad they were to have these dolls while stuck at home. All in all, they see sex dolls as an absolute necessity during this hard time for both their sexual needs and mental health.