Although there is no specific requirement to be a coser, a beautiful face and sexy shape are supposed to be amongst the top priorities to gain popularity. However, the advanced make-up skills and diverse accessories offer a new chance to those who desire to be a famous coser but lack an outstanding appearance. Some even change their gender magically, making fans surprised a lot, and the following incident is such an example.


Minato-san, a 30-year-old office staff who is also known as a popular cosplayer surprises netizens in Japan as he transforms into female characters in top anime.

It worth mentioning that the coser’s appearance changes completely so that no one can realize him. His cosplay images don’t just attract a lot of attention on the Internet but also manage to hide his true gender from others. Delicate make-up layers, fake tits, and a bit of support from the digital technologies are all that he needs to turn into a hot girl from the anime world.

Coser Minato

Minato said that he started his passion for cosplaying female characters about four years ago. At that time, he thought a lot about how to transform such characters. He even visited a beauty salon in Akihabara, Tokyo to learn how he would look after putting on makeup. Minato obviously felt satisfied and started to learn how to make up.

The 30-year-old coser added that he has tested many makeup techniques and products. Although he doesn’t always gain success, he at least knows how to use cosmetics efficiently.

However, makeup is just a part of his whole progress to turn into a real female character. Minato still has to apply some hi-tech products to change some characteristics on his face such as cheek, wig, or even fake tits. Additionally, digital processing is involved.

Minato-san has recently drawn a lot of attention on official media in Japan when his office photo appears next to a photo of his cosplaying a girl. The photo welcomed thousands of shares and more than 1 lakh likes on Twitter. Netizens feel very surprised while some even can’t accept what they see.


Coser 1

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