The video featuring a sexy girl taking off her bodycon to troll the convenience shop worker has gone viral. Audiences can't understand why that girl could do it in a public place. The video has gone viral on the internet for the last few days. Check it out here with

Sexy Girl Flashed The Convenience Store Worker By Taking Off Bodycon

There are so many weird challenges and trolls on the internet now. Many people want to get fame, either good fame or ill fame. The girl in this video seemed to get more criticisms than compliments because of her sensitive challenge.

Sexy Girl In White Bodycon
Sexy Girl In White Bodycon Trolled The Convenience Store Cashier

In specific, a video filming a sexy woman taking off the white bodycon in a convenience store has been shared widely. She wanted to troll the cashier in the convenience shop. The girl took off the upper part of the dress and shake her upper body a bit to see the reactions of the man. She also turned her head and smile with the camera.

She Took Off The Dress
She Took Off The Dress And Shook Her Upper Body

From the body shape and the unclear face in the video, many people guessed that the girl in the video was Gianna Dior. However, many others disclaimed it and said she was Natalia Nix. Although there is was no information about the sexy girl in the video, her video still went viral.

The Staff Was Freezed For A While
The Staff Was Frozen For A While

The man in the video was frozen for a while when the girl suddenly took off the clothes and revealed her naked chest. But then he wanted to approach the girl but realized that they are separated by a glass window. Many people expressed their envy to the cashier while many others thought that they set the scene of the video.

Sexy Girl Troll
The girl trolled the convenience shop worker