Apple_e is a popular sexy YouTuber in Korean. She has been got a warning from the platform for making sensitive content accidentally. Many fans of this beautiful Korean Youtuber are worry and displeased with the warning from the platform. Check it out here with

Sexy Korean YouTuber Burst Into Tears When Facing YouTube Ban

Apple_e started her campaign to train women to have sexy bums like her. She named her campaign as "Catch Up With Kim Kardashian". As we all know, Kim Kardashian is known as the woman with the biggest bums in the world. Apple_e also has big bums. Then, she introduced her plan to her viewers and made a video of training bums on YouTube.

Apple E Bum Trainer
Apple_e Made Bum Training Video

However, she also shared that she got trouble with censorship. The sexy YouTuber explained that YouTube was more strict in censoring and her video was removed. She also showed an image to prove that her channel had got a warning from this video sharing platform.

Apple E Bum Training
She wanted to train people to have big bums like Kim Kardashian.

Apple_e explained that she had checked everything carefully before posting any videos on YouTube to make sure that those content didn't violate the rules of the platform. However, it seems that YouTube is stricter in its censorship. That's the reason why that bum training was deleted and her channel got a warning.

Apple E Get Warning
That video and many previous body training videos of her were removed

Moreover, many videos she uploaded previously were also removed. The YouTuber was so worried that she even busted into tears in the latest broadcast. She continuously repeated "Sorry" during the live-stream. Now, her channel has been removed yet but many videos were deleted. She also had another YouTube channel, APPLEE ASMR, where she uploaded some ASMR and Muk-bang videos. Here are some Instagram pictures of her. Just take a look.

Apple E 1

Apple E 2

Apple E 3

Apple E 4

Apple E 5

Apple E 6

Apple E 7

Apple E 8

Apple E 9

Apple E 10

Apple E 11