Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa, one of the most famous streamer on Twitch, has to deal with countless trolls or stalker every day. However, they would like to back down after her revealing how to handle these “weirdos”.

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Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa

Once in a while, some viewers on Twitch can join fandom or have their sense of humor gone a little too far, which results in causing uncomfortable feelings to streamers during their live sections.

As a skillful and in real life streamer, Amouranth has observed people from a various viewpoint; therefore, she had a humorous message to all “nutcase” just in case they get out of control.

Amouranth Explains How Her Dad Helps Deal With The
Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa

During her stream on April 22, Amouranth said she visited her parents for Easter who had raised some questions about her stream work. After she informed them of the weirdos who harass her sometimes, and her dad did reveal encouraging support.

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The sexy streamer has her parents' support

That Amouranth’s grandfather had just breathed his last breath, so it meant as all of his guns currently given to his son – Amouranth’s dad. This took the streamer back, who can only react with “neat.”

The streamer continued to look straight at her stream while saying in a gentle way that the “message from [her] father” was the sign to for things to calm down from now on.

She continued to look at her stream, suggesting that the notice from her dad was the indicator to settle down from there.

There is no doubt that Amouranth benefits significantly from her viewership, given that her stream commonly attracts thousands of audience at any time.

However, her reputation has been stalked by critics who opposed to everything she does, ranging from the content of her stream, the clothes she wears to the way she eats.

Although the streamer hasn’t allowed any things to prevent her from having a normal life, it comes as no surprise that these rotten viewers try to humiliate or offense her now and then. But they might want to watch their back because this girl is backed up by her protective father.