Shin Na Rin has got suspended for making sensitive content in her broadcast. But now, her streaming career seemed to come to an end when she got banned due to wearing improper clothes on the mainstream. But instead of regretting making that mistake, she complained about that unfair ban. Check out the reason here with

Korean Streamer Shin Na Rin Felt Unfair When Getting Banned

In the latest live-stream, Shin Na Rin talked about the ban she got due to improper outfits. The female streamer is pretty famous in Korea for her sexy body as well as many scandals around her channel. She has got warned and suspended many times for many reasons like making sensitive content.

Shin Na Rain Got Suspended Many Times
Shin Na Rin Got Suspended Many Times Due To Wearing Improper Outfits

Recently, her channel was suspended because she wore short shorts and crawled around the house like a pet. However, it seemed that Shin Na Rin hasn't learned any lesson from these bans. She has come back recently after three months of the previous ban. The streamer also announced that she would focus on good content like Leagues of Legends.

She Continue To Use Sensitive Image On Broadcast
She Continued To Use Sensitive Image On Broadcast

However, a few days after coming back, this sexy streamer continued to get banned due to wearing sexy clothes. Instead of regretting, Shin expressed her writhe on that ban. She explained that another female streamer also wore that kind of clothes on her broadcast but that girl hadn't got banned. Therefore, Shin Na Rin said she dressed up like that streamer but only her channel got suspended. It made her feel unfair.

She Wore Improper Clothes
She Complained That Another Girl Didn't Get Banned Though Dressing Up The Same

However, her explanation seems to be unconvincing to audiences. Many viewers also consoled her but also said it was due to her sexy body shape. Meanwhile, most netizens think that the punishment is reasonable.

She Felt Unfair When Getting Banned
Therefore, She Felt Unfair When Getting Banned
Shin Na Rin
She has many fans thanks to her beauty
Shin Na Rin 4
Her channel is suspended now