It's very common in Bollywood to treat the female stars as "expendable" compared to their male counterparts. Film franchises and series often keep the male actors as their mainstay, but the actresses can get replaced often. Shraddha Kapoor, who is starring alongside Tiger Shroff in 'Baaghi 3', recently revealed what she felt about this long-running practice.

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Interestingly, the beautiful actress seems to take the issue in stride. "I think it's absolutely right. But I also feel that whatever is meant to come to you, comes to you, and whatever is not meant to be yours will not be yours," said Shraddha.

"I feel if I'm cast in a particular film and that is meant to be for me then there's something that I'll bring to the table that will add value to those films. It's actually even on the actor if they want to do it." So it looks like the actress has a very forward-looking positive attitude despite the difficulties!

Replacement happens for many reasons

Shraddha Kapoor has dealt with this issue often herself. The actress was in the 1st 'Baaghi' movie and supposed to be in the 2nd one as well. But due to her tight schedule, the producers went for Disha Patani.

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Shraddha then replaced Katrina Kaif as the latter had scheduling conflicts. She was actually quite upset that director Varun Dhawan didn't offer her the role at the beginning. It looks like the fight for a main actress role can be quite competitive! Shraddha then spoke of how much she valued her films:

"There are a lot of things that don't come to the fore that a certain actor or actress may not want to do that particular film; that also happens".

"So, I did this film because it's adding value to me and I believe it's vice and versa. It's the character that I've never played before. For me as an actor, it was quite challenging," she added.

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