The star streamer Shroud has been in love with the game ‘Escape from Tarkov’ so much recently. And here’s his explanation. Check it out right away!

Michael 'shroud' Grzesiek, one of the biggest game streamers with a huge number of fans. He is also known as a pro-FPS gamer with excellent skills. Recently, this streamer falls in love with the game ‘Escape from Tarkov’ and plays it on stream quite often. He also revealed on his stream that the game gives him an ‘adrenaline rush’.

Shroud Plays Escape From Tarkov
Shroud Plays Escape From Tarkov

Shroud's Explanation

The streamer explained that he loved ‘Escape from Tarkov’ because of its unique combination of things that he couldn’t find in any other game. He said it’s very fun and easy to play, intense and also relaxing. Shroud also admitted that he no longer felt the adrenaline rush when playing games until he found out Tarkov. This game brings back to him that feeling and that’s why he loves it so badly.

Moreover, Shroud fell in love with Tarkov for its unpredictability. Besides, the reward for no #1 is much more appealing than many in-game items and currency. According to Shroud, there are so many reasons that make him love Escape from Tarkov. He took back the real rush when playing this game and he loves every experience it brings him.

Shroud Love Eft So Much
Shroud Love EFT So Much

Escape From Tarkov Review 

The streamer highly evaluates this game. "You're in a 'scav raid,'” with three geared opponents. Nothing would be better than an unexpected winning in such sudden combat. But if you lose the fight you are supposed to win, “there's also a sh*tty feeling of”, said Shroud. Shroud said he got so many emotions when playing Tarkov. That’s also the reason why he loves this game.

Then, the streamer also gave his opinion on whether ‘Escape the Tarkov’ will be available on console soon or not. Shroud doesn’t think that the developer of Tarkov will bring it to the console platform soon. But he strongly believes that it would be a compatible game.

Escape From Tarkov Is An Exciting Game
Escape From Tarkov Is An Exciting Game