The saddest news for Marvel fans last week has become an official announcement from both Disney and Sony: Spider-Man will not be a part of MCU in the future. In the long run, things might change, but for now (at least in Phase 4 of MCU), the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man will not be swinging around other Marvel superheroes on the big screens and in MCU TV series. An even more heartbreaking thing is that Tom Holland will still have a contract to play two more Spider-Man movies, so we will have to see this young charming British actor being Spider-Man in standalone movies, produced by Sony.

Spider Man
Tom Holland is still Spider-Man, just not in MCU. Great!!!!

Not only the copyright for Spider Man character on the big screens, but Sony is also ‘kinda’ the owner of the Spider-Man character of the gaming world. This corporation has just purchased Insomniac Games studio, the creator of the Spider-Man PS4 2018 video game. This game has been a true hit last year, and it is certainly one of the greatest titles for Spider Man.