The famous Hindi cop universe - Sooryavanshi is welcoming its fourth installment. Yesterday, the trailer of the most anticipated Bollywood movie Sooryavanshi starring Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif, Ajay Devgn and Ranveer Singh is out, and it's much better than fans are waiting for!

Sooryavanshi Official Trailer Memes 5 Jpg
The trailer of Sooryavanshi is officially out!

Specifically, the fourth installment of Sooryavanshi is directed by Rohit Shetty, and Reliance Entertainment - production studio of the movie has launched a 4-minute-long trailer to satisfy the most demanding fans. Aside from tons of adrenaline pumped into our hearts, the trailer also gives us a lot of other fascinating things as well!

And of course, we could not afford to miss out on the hilarious moments of Akshay Kumar! Let's have a closer look at the trailer with Gurugamer below:

The trailer of Sooryavanshi is inspiring tons of memes on social media

The latest trailer of Sooryavanshi is out, and going with it is not only the amazing stunts of the leading actor Akshay Kumar as DCP Veer Sooryavanshi of the Mumbai's Anti-Terrorism Squad, but also some of his hilarious moments as well. In the very first seconds of the trailer, netizens are laughing out loud with the "I've been shot" saying from the DCP.

Sooryavanshi Official Trailer Memes 6 Jpg
"I've been shot" - that's how you get your girl!

Apart from that, there are also a lot of catchy quotes and stunts from the trailer as well, such as the "Woh Log Kab Aayenge" from Akshay. The netizens need no time to turn them into a meme festival, and here are the most hilarious ones of them from Twitter:

First, let's start with Akshay Kumar got shot and still walks his way home:

Sooryavanshi Official Trailer Memes 1
Physics doesn't work that way in Sooryavanshi. Cre: Raghib

Another meme on the same topic, but more relatable:

Sooryavanshi Official Trailer Memes 2
Why would you do this to me? Cre: Anwar Shaikh

Of course, we can't miss the grand entrance of Ranveer Singh!

Sooryavanshi Official Trailer Memes 3
Cre: Anwar Shaikh

The last one is the thing our Uber taxi drivers do to us all of the time:

Sooryavanshi Official Trailer Memes 4
Cre: Bade Chote

What we can expect from Sooryavanshi

Set the funny moments aside, from this trailer, we have to admit that this Sooryavanshi movie has done a great job exploiting the potentials that the cop genre provides. In detail, it's the genre that allows the director to pack in a lot of trendy elements in their movie: stunning actions, romance, dramatic moments and even comedic scenes as well. Those are the things that we can expect from Sooryavanshi.

Sooryavanshi Official Trailer Memes 9 Jpg
The movie will feature everything we love

First of all, the stunts with splendid actings from Akshay Kumar as well as the CG-effects that counter real-life physics are the things that make this one standing out. You can catch the questionable flying cars in the trailer, as well as explosions and car races with some Fast-and-Furious vibes, and that's what Rohit Shetty is known with after Golmaal Again.

Sooryavanshi Official Trailer Memes 8 Jpg
The flying cars are just wholesome!

Secondly, Katrina Kaif starring as the wife of Veer Sooryavanshi will add a whole new romantic side to the movie. However, it's not to soften the intense atmosphere of the movie with the Anti-Terrorism Squad fighting against the evil plot of destroying Mumbai with 600 tons of RDX, but to provide more stress to the officer as well. Will Veer Sooryavanshi be able to protect both his family and his country? We'll have to wait to find out!

Sooryavanshi Official Trailer Memes 7 Jpg
"No one risks his own child to do their duty" - Dr. Aditi

Ultimately, the thing that will ease the serious atmosphere of Sooryavanshi is going to be the funny moments from the Trimurti - Sooryavanshi, Simmba, and Singham. We can see it right the moment Ranveer makes his entrance on top of the car, as well as some small chit-chat between the trio as well.

Sooryavanshi Official Trailer Memes 10 Jpg
Cool guys never look at the explosion, and the same goes with the Trimurti!

Overall, Sooryavanshi is going to be a huge box office hit in India, and let's see how it is going to perform in the competition with its toughest contestant - Baaghi 3 on March 24!