The Jonas Brothers seem to be the luckiest guys on Earth. Specifically, two of them - Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas has stolen the heart of the two flowers of Bollywood and Hollywood - Priyanka Chopra and Sophie Turner.

Sophie Turner Priyanka Chopra Worship 2
The Jonas family has welcomed Sophie Turner after her wedding with Joe in 2019

While the Joe-Sophie couples gain little attention from media outlets, the stereotype-breaking couple of Priyanka and Nick is one of the most beloved couples of the B-town. Once attended the wedding of Nick and Priyanka, the later sister-in-law of Priyanka Chopra has articulated how famous PeeCee is in her recent interview, stating that people in India worship the star of The Sky Is Pink!

Sophie Turner Priyanka Chopra Worship 2
Priyanka is insanely famous both inside India and over the world

Let's have a look at her experiences at Nick Jonas - Priyanka Chopra wedding with Gurugamer below:

Sophie Turner on Priyanka Chopra: "The biggest thing in India right now"

Game of Thrones starlet Sophie Turner and Bollywood diva Priyanka Chopra has come under the same family after Priyanka got married to Nick Jonas in 2018 and Sophie Turner did the same to Joe Jonas last year. Even though Sophie and Joe haven't married at the time Nick married Priyanka, the two stills appeared at PeeCee's wedding.

Sophie Turner Priyanka Chopra Worship 3
Sophie Turner looks amazing in India's traditional costume!

And it seems that this experience has left a huge image of how famous Priyanka Chopra is in India and over the world. In the recent interview with Elle US, Jean Grey's actress has dropped her words of admiration on her sister-in-law. To be more specific, Sophie called Turner "the biggest thing in India right now".

Sophie Turner Priyanka Chopra Worship 2
Priyanka is the biggest thing in India right now, according to Sophie Turner

"It's kind of crazy" - Sophie expressed on what Priyanka has achieved through her 20-year-career. She also revealed that she's completely shocked at how Indians treat them at Priyanka's wedding with Nick. "They worship her over here" - Sophie said. However, even though Priyanka is growing to be a global idol now, Sophie still found PeeCee as the nicest person ever!

Sophie Turner Priyanka Chopra Worship 4
Sophie Turner is bamboozled on how people treat her and Priyanka at PeeCee's wedding

For now, the Jonas Brothers and their wives have moved to stay close to each other as a family in the US. Kevin Jonas and Danielle are a bit further as they're living in new Jersey, but they still managed to see each other very frequently.

Sophie Turner Priyanka Chopra Worship 5
The wives of the Jonas Brothers from left to right: Priyanka Chopra, Sophie Turner, and Danielle Jonas

On the working front, Priyanka is coming back to Indian cinema with Amazon's next movie Sheela starring as the bioterrorist Ma Anand Sheela.