The Coronavirus outbreak has affected all sporting events in the world, including football matches, and that’s why many clubs want to add the lively cheer-up sounds of the audience for their matches. This method may help bring more strength to players and fans in the stadium, but it doesn’t always work.

Sex Doll Football Fan
Don't know whether FC Seoul's players felt happy with these fans or not?!

A unique incident regarding such sports events has recently taken place in South Korea. That was a football match between FC Seoul and Gwangju FC on May 17. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, fans weren’t allowed to come to the stadium to cheer up their players. In a bid to cover the stadium, FC Seoul launched a new ‘initiative’: A series of ‘mannequins’ were placed in the seats. These ‘fans’ put on club T-shirts like real fans and also, they showed victory signs.

However, fans soon realized that there was something unusual in these mannequins’ appearance. All of these mannequins had super-large breasts! They turned out to be sex dolls. And of course, the fans felt insulted.


In regard to the wrong decision, fans asked the football team for an explanation. They also said that the audience who watch the sport may range from young to old people and placing sex dolls in the stadium obviously was disrespectful towards fans.

After carrying out an investigation, the football team said that these mannequins weren’t sex dolls. They also admitted that using such dolls to cover the stadium wasn’t a good idea.

Sex Dolls

Cheerup Mannequins
Among female mannequins is a 'handsome guy'.

FC Seoul then sent an apology to their fans. In the beginning, they wanted to use mannequins that looked like humans but sex dolls weren’t involved. A company named Dalcom was chosen to provide clothing mannequins and at that time, FC Seoul affirmed that they checked many times that these dolls weren’t for sexual use.

However, before providing the mannequins for the team, Dalcom worked with another company that specialized in manufacturing sensitive toys. Unluckily, FC Seoul couldn’t control this situation. They once again apologized for their fans.