I ain’t a well-known writer. You may have never heard about me.

Yet I have been through some really popular games, namely Injustice 2 and Mortal Kombat 11. Yet this story won’t be about those combat games. It’s about the way my negative working habits that drove me to being too fat, also being much weaker and slower than I was supposed to be. And the rapid of going down from there.

But don’t worry, I got it, and I’m sharing my way with you.


“The art of writing is the art of applying the seat of the pants to the seat of the chair.”

—Mary Heaton Vorse, circa 1911

For the above advice, you can inquire any pro writers and they will give you that response, one way or another. For me, it was Auntie Nene, who updated me “the secret of writing is ass in chair”.

You can make a lot of result by putting your ass in chair. But it will quickly ruin your body, just like it did to me. I used to spend more than 15 hours a day putting my ass in a chair. Each day I got up, sit in my chair, I worked in it, ate in eat, I could even say I lived in it.

Getting 20 pounds more in 2 years, I wasn’t satisfied in myself much. I though about the eating first, but dieting wasn’t enough. Exercise is a must.

Sadly, as I tried to exercise, the pain in my body’s lower part appeared. It tortured me when I ran, jumped, swam or climbed. I realized that I was able to do less every day. At its worst, sitting hurt me as well.


It was 2 years ago. I was in the kitchen, alone, then a bad cough came. A fierce pain ran from my lower part to all of my toes, immediately knocking me down. I realized myself, being immobile, lying on the floor while having the worst pain I’ve ever had.

My MRI yielded me the results that I didn’t want at all: two herniated discs in my lumbar spine. I had to drive, sit or do anything with annoying difficulty for months. For my writing job, I had to adapt to standing writing.


I had to suffer continuous pain even I had a standing desk. At its worst, I couldn’t take my baby to my arms, or give my wife a hand with her heavy items. It was just like being jailed in your own body.

Health insurance in America has grant me with painkillers, terrible surgeries, and painkillers again. So I had to find alternatives. Finally, physical treatment in long-term, marijuana for medical purposes and virtual reality have come to my plate.

Physical therapy was frustrating, but necessary. I did it every day, under the instruction of my trainer. The therapy included cardiovascular exercise, yet to me, cycling, running or swimming were all equal going to hell. I had to strengthen my body’s core, while other parts were still injury-prone and weak. What a tiring process!



What I needed to do now is a highly intense cardio exercise on my entire body, without damaging my poor back.

Six months later, I decided to buy Oculus Rift system, I also had my office rearranged in order to make some space for it, as well as to set up IR sensors in the corners.

It took my hours that night to dip into the system for the first time, exploring many games that I will still suggest you today: Space Pirate Trainer, Lone Echo, Robo Recall, The Climb – a game that allows you to experience the life of a mountain-climber.

I had to suffer from my shoulders, back, arms and legs after that. Yet I could feel it was different, it wasn’t the injury that hurt, but my body’s recovery after doing workout. Probably I didn’t do anything actually “real”, yet my body thought that was genuine enough.

I kept playing The Climb every day afterwards. I mimicked actual movement of climbing mountain to surpass virtual challenge, I even imagined myself being there, used the muscles to make the tension more dynamic than ever. At first, my score was limited due to my poor condition. Yet after some weeks, as I got better, I applied that improvement into constantly beating my high score.

I visited some sites such as Oculus on Reddit, VR Fitness Insider and I found some other games that met my demand of giving bad-shaped players (like me) highly intense cardio exercises:

Holopoint was the first one, which turns you into an archer. Spending 20 minutes in this game equals to a heavy leg day in the gym.

78 Screen 01

Thrill of the Fight was the second, this game puts you into the view of a boxer, which grants you a same amount of workout as you do rowing. Although I got knocked out after the first match, I could feel the betterment inside my body. My muscles hurt for nearly a week after that.

The last one was Audioshield, a game which gives you a shield on one hand while the other swipe the beats in the sky. The beats fly to you following the music you choose. This game is like the combination between Guitar Hero and boxing. I was addicted in it.


Unfortunately, some kind of glitches messed up with my controllers, only in Audioshield but not other games. As I couldn’t feel the beats’ strike on my hands, I replaced Audioshield with BoxVR, a game of boxing cardio.

At the end, all of those titles above became an indispensable part in my workout in VR every day. While Thrill of the Fight consolidated my upper part, Holopoint took care of my lower one. BoxVR worked as my cardio exercise. As a result, I got rid of more pounds, and my heart rate decreased to 78 from 85 bpm average.

However, my workout cannot be perfect without Audioshield, and for that problem, I have found something even much better.


While Audioshield could be the combination between Guitar Hero and boxing, Beat Saber is between Guitar Hero and Jedi images. It featured great intensity, as well as lots of cardio.

You will get into a neon-powered industrial emptiness. There is a blue plasma saber for your right hand, a red one for your left. You then choose the music, and beats come to you (like a wrecking ball) in blue and red boxes.

I started from the easy first, then I realized that a 150-degree arc for the swings and a 50/50 slice can push up my score to its best. Gradually, I tried harder levels, with quicker beats coming to me, so I must perform hard swings, such as crossovers, or slashes with both hands. I even had to do squat while swinging my sabers when energy walls came.

Beat Saber Hero 01

Not long after, Beat Saber turned into an indispensable part of my life. For some good days, I spent 1 hour playing it, swinging sabers as sweat dropped on my feet. I had absolutely zero pain and suffering. (so comfy)

Thanks to Beat Saber, I decided to optimize everything of myself, not just the game. I combined between working out on VR and doing DDP Yoga so as to have a wide range of supports and motions. I finally had 8 hours to sleep every night, a healthy diet instead of junk food. I could even excuse myself an ice cream a day for having burnt enough calories.

Now, I’m able to play the hardest level Expert+ of Beat Saber. I even got to the 150 top finest players in some songs. I’m getting physically better day by day.


2 years have passed since the day I fell down the kitchen floor after the bad cough. Wanna see my figures?

average heart rate while standing, January 2017: 85-90 bpm

average heart rate while standing, April 2019: 67-72 bpm

weight in January 2017: 216 pounds

weight in April 2019: 201 pounds

average amount of workout per day, January 2017: 0 minutes, 0 calories

average amount of workout per day, April 2019: (minimum) 45 minutes, 500 calories

Although I couldn’t get to the desired weight 196 pounds, I succeeded in replacing the bad fat with strong, solid muscle. I have never felt that good for ten years.

I tried to exercise until my back got better, yet I could still feel its pain sometimes.

I finally could have my son in my arms again. Although he got some more pounds as he was 2 years older, I could enjoy hugging him, carrying him around and playing with him. I was also able to help my wife with many heavy housework and objects.

At that time, I also realized that many people shared the same problems with me, some even worse, due to the excessive number of negative habits in living, working and playing. And VR, actually did a great job tackling that problem.


In case you are truly into the idea of reducing the time you sit, VR systems enabling you to play Beat Saber will be my recommendation for you. In fact, I like Oculus Rift more, but it’s totally fine if you grasp Vive, the Rift, Windows Mixed Reality or PSVR.

Remember, if you have been suffering from poor physical condition for quite a time, start with some advises from family doctors first. Investing in counselling was really helpful to me, which helped me avert additional back problems and injuries.

Thanks to my poor back, I recognized the importance of getting rid of my old, bad habit of sitting all day and making healthy decisions. VR and specifically, Beat Saber, has made me much faster, stronger and better than any time.

You shouldn’t wait for the worldwide revolution in VR workouts. It’s happening right now, probably right next to your house.