Marvel Cinematic Universe is entering its Phase 4. While a lot of us are putting hope into the friendly neighbor Spider-Man, who is predicted to be the next pioneer of MCU that keeps up the legacy Iron Man has left, we can also expect that he will encounter a lot of dangerous personal enemies, many of which were shown on the screen before.

Yes, apart from the featured Mysterio in the latest trailers of Spider-Man: Far From Home, the friendly Spidey has a large collection of dedicated enemies. Some of them are familiar with the movie-lovers that have seen the Spider-Man series from Toby Macguire's trilogy until now, and some were only featured on comics and cartoon. Here are the 10 big enemies that we can expect Spidey gotta kick asses in MCU Phase 4, keep scrolling if you are interested, boys.

Me And The Boys Meme
In case you don't know yet, these guys are now a big thing on the internet.

Doctor Octopus

Doctor Octopus
Doctor Octopus in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse

One of the most iconic villains of Spider-Man ever existed, Doctor Octopus has been familiar with even people who are not comic fans since Macguire's 2nd movie 15 years ago. Having important parts in the recent Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse and the PS4 game of Spidey, it's no doubt that he's a favorite icon of both fans and screenwriters.

And that's because of some good reasons. It's not only the similarity between 2 scientists and animal-inspired figures that is appealing to us but the stories about Doctor Octopus have always meant to be a shock of friendship, loyalty, and betrayal that helps Spidey grow. It's not a bad idea if we can see him again.


Prowler Spider Man
Spidey's little encounter with Prowler.

Aaron Davis has been featured as a cameo in Spider-Man: Homecoming. And while it was a brief appearance, this was also a big hint that MCU will bring him back in a matter of time. What's more, with him being featured and the multiverse has been confirmed, we can hope to see Miles Morales also.

Mr. Negative

Mr Negative Ps4 Spider Man
Mr. Negative as shown in the PS4 game.

This one hasn't shown up for too many times yet, but while he is a relatively new figure, Martin Li has already played a big part in PS4 Spider-Man, which makes a great foundation for what MCU can do with the character.

The interesting nature of Mr. Negative can bring out many possible stories about moralities and the inner struggle or the conflicts within selves and the others, it should be cool if MCU chooses to feature him since these aspects haven't been dug in much before.


Electro In Spider Man
Electro in TASM

The last time we saw the Electricity guy was in 2014 TASM. The appearance was not quite...successful, but we can expect that MCU can make it up for us by giving the guy another chance. With the tragedy of the ones affected by superhero teams' unintentional works was featured well in Civil War, fans can imagine that this blue-collar worker story can be brought out to teach the young Spidey the real reasons why he is fighting and deal with the uncompleted solved problems of a world with free-to-act heroes. Besides, his powers are pretty cool, isn't it?



You may get bored with this evil black Spider-Man, but you can't deny that he is one of the most iconic and most recognizable villains he has. With Marvel characters are coming back after a long time being featured by Sony, we can expect at least a cameo, especially when Symbiotes are really existing in the MCU. Yet, if Marvel is gonna feature him in their movies, it is still kinda difficult to dig in more a character that was exploited too much. We will have to wait and see.


Rhino In Spider Man Ps4
Rhino in the PS4 game.

Another animal-inspired figure and a member of Sinister Six, it's hard not to see Rhino especially when we haven't seen him much on the screen. Yet it is kinda hard to imagine how Marvel is gonna deal with his (seriously) hilarious and absurd appearance. But we believe you, Marvel. If Mysterio can appear without a Halloween costume disaster, then Rhino also can.

Green Goblin

Marvel Phase 4 Norman Osborn Green Goblin
Green Goblin in Sam Raimi's films

The most significant foe in Sam Raimi's trilogy is actually one of the most interesting characters of the Spider-Man story. I mean, come on, his dark and vengeful theme can bring out many stories about friendship, betrayal, and revenge - which, of course, can't be missed if we want to see a mature Spidey.

So, the Osborn family is always anticipated and we hope that it can touch to some aspects that the other 2 series haven't done yet. Why not?


The traditional appearance of Hobgoblin,

Spider-Man writers are fond of at least 2 things: goblin and insanity. Hobgoblin is another insane goblin that was mind-controlled to become a maniac. But since Peter Parker and the character Ned Leeds are still high-schoolers (given that Ned was also snapped away for 5 years), if Marvel screenwriters want to feature him, they will have to come up with some ways to work around this. Seeing yet another mind-controlled story relating to Spider-Man journey is not exceeding, though.

Black Cat

Black Cat Spiderman
Let's see how this romance-bittersweet relationship will turn into.

The fatal cat-inspired character (yes, another animal-inspired character, except the fact that she doesn't really have a special ability) is not exactly a villain in the exact meaning of the word, but rather an anti-hero type of character. And while that's what makes her different compared to other villains in this list, her appearance will absolutely throw stones into a still pond and disturb Spider-Man both identities.

What's more, with Peter and MJ's relationship is getting further, it will be a great love story intertwined with moralities and relationship when Felicia is featured. We are dead waiting to see that.


Kraven is a cold-blooded hunter that will kill anyone he finds interesting

Kraven is absolutely a psycho. He doesn't seek vengeance nor power, but rather a crazy intend. He is basically a hunter which chases after one and another superhero in order to take him down to satisfy the desire to test his own ability. With such an interesting manner, it's great to see him encountering Spider-Man, as we have seen in arguably one of the best Spider-Man stories named Kraven's Last Hunt.

And while he is crazy and bloodthirsty like literally any other villains in Spidey's story, he hasn't been dug into on the screens and that's something MCU can take advantage of.