Ever since Stadia was announced a few months back, it has received a lot of attention from the gaming community. And now, with the Stadia Connect event streamed live on YouTube late yesterday, we finally get to hear more details about the service. To recap on the most important information, Stadia will arrive this November and come with a Stadia Pro subscription service that costs $9.99 (Rs 690) a month.

Google Pushes Stadia Video Games Industry Service
Stadia has received a lot of attention since it was announced

Moreover, there will also be a pretty decent collection of games from a wide range of renowned publishers that users can purchase at launch. At the moment, there have been 31 titles confirmed to be available on Stadia upon its release.

You can check out the picture below for the full list of these 31 games, but some publishers such as EA, Capcom, and Rockstar have not mentioned which ones of their releases will become part of the service. That said, we can make a few educated guesses as to what these publishers have in mind.

Stadia Launch Titles
The full list of games that will be available at Stadia's launch

The most prominent titles from Capcom right now include MegaMan 11, Resident Evil 2 remake, and Devil May Cry 5. Any or all of them could make it over to Stadia. Rockstar, meanwhile, might have plans for Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption 2, and EA has the popular battle royale Apex Legends as well as the upcoming Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. That last game is one we should keep a close eye on, as it is scheduled to come out on November 15 – very close to the launch of Stadia.

Do note that all of these are just guesses and speculations at this point. None of these publishers have made any official announcement yet, so nothing is set in stone. Still, Google did say that EA, Capcom, and Rockstar all will “reveal the content at their discretion”, so we’ll probably hear more in the near future, just not from Stadia.

Dmc5 Bloody Palace Screens 02
Many major titles from Capcom, Rockstar, and EA will probably make the leap to the new streaming service, Let's wait and see

If you're thinking that 31 games aren’t really a lot, you wouldn’t be wrong, but rest assured, Stadia has you covered. According to Google, this list is merely the "first wave" of confirmed Stadia games. As a result, there will surely be more announcements between now and November.

And of course, more games will definitely make the leap over to Stadia once it officially launches, so maybe that’s what Google is referring to as “additional waves”. In any case, gamers will have plenty of content to enjoy with Stadia, especially considering that several already-confirmed games are MMOs that deliver constantly evolving content. Think of The Elder Scrolls Online, Destiny 2, or Division 2.

Stadia Game List
31 games are already confirmed, and more will come

Google hasn't said too much about any game-associated costs at the moment, but many of the confirmed titles are either very new or will be coming at around the same time as Stadia. For example, DOOM Eternal is coming later this year, as is Wolfenstein: Youngblood and Rage 2. Borderlands 3 is another major title that’s scheduled for a September 13 release. There’s a high chance that those games will have the same price as on other platforms, which is around $59.99 each. This speculation is further supported by Google’s statement that “game pricing will fall in line with what consumers expect from online stores.”

With Stadia, users will be able to play games on a wide variety of devices, from PC and laptops to tablets and even TVs as long as they own a Chronecast Ultra. Android TV is not likely to be supported, however, so don’t expect too much on that front.