Bitcoin miners in China are willing to take cover in any feasible place, including even under the ground, to steal electricity and escape from the surveillance from the authorities.

In the last days of May, police in the Daqing City, Heilongjiang, China got a report from a local oil field on the surprisingly unusual loss of electricity. While carrying out an investigation, they found out a secret: there were two strange graves on the field nearby.

However, the newly-built ‘graveyard’ has had no gravestones or monuments, but a log of wood a few meters away. And then, the police detected a secret entrance.

Bitcoin Miners
The bitcoin mining devices were recorded.

When approaching via a door in the ground, they realized that there was a basement underground designed to mine bitcoin illegally. This basement was equipped with a lighting system, power transmission devices, and up to 8 bitcoin miners that were placed on a separate shelf.

Accordingly, the identities of those behind the illegal bitcoin mining operations were detected. They turned out to be the power thieves. Huge power was one of the obligatory factors to run bitcoin miners; and therefore, they built a vault to hide their devices, as well as facilitate stealing energy.

Miner Kennel
It's hard to detect such bunkers.

Many feel surprised by such an incident; however, it has got too familiar in China. Last April, the police in Daqing identified 54 ASIC miners that were illegally exploiting the free electricity from a nearby oil field. The different thing is, instead of using graves as covers, these criminals installed a complicated system in a bunker under a dog kennel.

Although the e-currency transactions aren’t allowed in China, mining bitcoin is another story. That’s why many companies have made use of the cheap electricity sources in the country to earn virtual currencies and sell them on legitimate foreign platforms.

The reason for such incidents allegedly derives from the fact that the price of Bitcoin has kept increasing in recent days.