The star streamer Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek has left Twitch streaming platform to move to Mixer. When asked about the reason for his leaving, Shroud claimed to be happier in Mixer. He also clarified why the Mixer community is less “toxic” than his Twitch chat. Check out his explanation here. Also, Steamer Shroud also shared his feelings in Mixer now. 

Steamer Shroud Left Twitch to Join Mixer

Popular streamer ‘Shroud’ has left many fans and followers shocked when announcing to leave Twitch to move to Mixer. His decision was made in October, but not until his recent streaming on Mixer did he gave the reasons for it.

Star Streamer Shroud
Star Streamer Shroud

Shroud is one of the biggest streaming stars with a giant number of viewers on Twitch. However, he still decided to leave this Amazon-owned platform and switch to the Microsoft-owned service. It’s understandable when the number of viewers is lower but he said he was happier. It’s because after moving to Mixer, he left behind lots of toxic viewers who misbehaved in his chatbox.

On this Monday, November 25th, while playing ‘Escape from Tarkov’ in his stream, his audience asked about his move. It’s also the question of many fans and followers. Thus, Shroud shared his thoughts and feelings about this decision. He said he liked the Mixer community because they are his core community who follow him for his streaming. They are true and loyal followers doing nice things and supporting him.

Shroud Play Escape From Tarkov
Shroud Plays Escape From Tarkov

Shroud Shared about His New Community

Steamer Shroud said moving to Mixer was a chance for him to realize his true fans and added his Mixer community is less toxic. The streamer feels happy to join Mixer with other famous streamers, such as FaZe EwOk, Ninja, and other big names. Shroud seems to be happier and more comfortable in Mixer now with his loyal community. Also, he will no longer have to deal with toxic chat users in Twitch. There’re only his true fans stay and watch every broadcast of him.

Shroud Joins With Ninja And Faze Ewok On Mixer
Shroud Joins With Ninja And FaZe EwOk In Mixer