Streamers tend to hold many kinds of events and challenges on their live streams to earn as many donations from viewers as possible. A few days ago, streamer Clint started an event in which his fans could send donations and ask him to get any tattoo on his body.

Last year, his charity stream raised $10,000 for the COVID-19 fund.

In the event in question, Clint was sitting in a bathtub and interacting with his fans. He wondered what to do in a bid to capture many hearts on the Internet. He then decided to start a wheel of fortune with three options including Nothing, Absolutely Nothing, and Tattoo. If he received a $75 donation (about Rs 5,493), he would spin the wheel and follow the chosen one. It’s not hard to guess what actually happened. The needle stopped and pointed at “Tattoo”.

There were a lot of tattoos on Clint’s body, and this time, the streamer came up with an idea that he would tattoo the name of one of his biggest idols: Pokimane. It was obvious that his girlfriend, who is also known as a streamer, did feel unhappy about his decision, especially when he stated that he loved this 1996-born streamer very much.

Pokimane is no doubt the most popular female streamer in the world. She has a huge number of followers on social networks including YouTube and Twitch. However, Clint’s girlfriend, Meg Sevinth isn’t an unknown name. Netizens are now curious what Clint will have to face after tattooing Pokimane’s name on his body.

Take a look at the following photos of Clint’s girlfriend, Meg Sevinth:

Hot streamer Meg Sevinth is now Clint's girlfriend.

Meg 1

Meg 2

Meg 3

Meg 4

Meg 5

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