Twitch streamer ItsPinkie has just got a ban from the platform after her queefing video went viral on social networks. There has been no specific reason behind her ban but she implied it on her private page.

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Streamer ItsPinkie has about 20k followers on Twitch.

Twitch’s Community Guidelines is one of the strictest rules that streamers have to follow, especially when they always have a talk with thousands or even millions of viewers. The platform makes efforts to keep its rules unviolated and offer a safe environment to its users.

Back on March 26th, ItsPinkie - a female streamer on Twitch showed off her special skill on a live stream that attracted more than 1k viewers. The stream in question may be never available on any social network in the past.

She said that she was able to fart by her sensitive part and was ready to prove it to her fans. Twitch then issued a three-day ban on this sexy streamer because she was supposed to go too far on live streams.

Right after the ban, the female streamer didn’t feel shy. She said this incident was just like any other normal thing. Her “front butt flatulence” video immediately went viral on both Twitter and Reddit and earned more than 7 lakh viewers within nearly 24 hours.

Streamer Itspinkie

Although there is no specific rule on Twitch regarding this incident, the platform figures out that sexy content are completely banned and streamers aren’t allowed to draw the attention of their viewers into their sensitive parts. It is obvious that ItsPinkie made many go red when placing the microphone near her sensitive part.

Her ban has just been temporary and the female streamer can keep working on Twitch in the upcoming time. However, she should think twice before doing something weird like the incident in question. There has been no further comment from Twitch as a way to respect users’ privacy rights.

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