There is seemingly no limitation for female streamers’ imagination because they always know how to steal the spotlight on the Internet. Even when showing off sexy bodies isn’t involved, they still manage to invent countless tricks to earn views and money as much as possible. Not long before, Eddyrin, a hot streamer who always stirs the Internet due to her sexiness, once again stunned the netizens via a surprisingly interesting game.

Korean Streamer

Accordingly, streamer Eddyrin started a live stream along with her beautiful colleagues. After playing some mini-games, they came up with an idea to play a special game: cover the eyes and guess who the opposite one is by smelling her scent. It sounds incredible! And Eddyrin is the first one to play this game. She started to smell the breasts of other hot girls and give a series of sexy comments.

The female streamer admitted that someone’s breast smelled like flowers while the breasts of others spread unpleasant smells such as the smell of milk or the shoe box. It was obvious that both the players and viewers couldn’t stop laughing.

However, there was a girl to be against this game. She is Quindami - Eddyrin’s colleague with big boobs. As this girl said, anyone with big boobs couldn’t avoid perspiration and a bad smell. Regardless of her disapproval, the majority of the girls decided to join the game and Quindami obviously had no choice but to follow them.

At the end of the video, these beautiful streamers even daringly touched the breasts of others in front of the camera. That’s why although the video was considered “clean” and without any scene of showing off big boobs, the viewers still blushed and felt embarrassed.

Korea Streamer

The video immediately went viral on the Internet and drew a lot of attention from the netizens. The majority couldn’t take their eyes off the sexiness of these female streamers. They also hope that Eddyrin will soon make such addictive videos in the upcoming time.

Streamer Minigame

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