Many believe that it’s not easy at all to work as a streamer because you will have to converge all conditions including good appearance, know how to interact with the viewers, play games well, and more. However, while the streaming platforms have developed more, streamers no longer need to satisfy lots of severe requirements as in the previous time.


And accordingly, good-looking has become the top priority for any streamer and that’s especially true for female streamers. Also, another little issue they need to pay attention to is how to boast about their appearance the most to the viewers, at least as the way the female streamer in the following incident has recently done.

Streamer Twitch

In fact, her video clip didn’t have anything special. On her live stream on Twitch, the female streamer just put on sexy short clothes that were enough to show off her big boobs. And it’s not surprising that the netizens immediately gave their full love to her.

Next, she began to do some easy exercises and bob up and down, of course, with the only purpose to create a visually stunning experience for the views due to her dangling boobs. At least, in this incident, she did right. The viewers obviously didn’t care about whether her dance looked eye-catching or was just a disaster.

Soram 2

They just paid lots of attention to the elasticity of her sexy breasts. And the number of the viewers of her live stream session rapidly soared after a few short minutes.

That’s not enough. After the camera was moved to the close-up mode, this streamer kept using another trick. She didn’t just show off her sexy body but also suddenly stood close to the camera to “check the camera”. It worth mentioning that her big boobs were shown right in front of the camera. No need to say that she managed to unleash the madness amongst the netizens and as a result, the number of views also increased exponentially. Even some fans recorded a video in a hurry to save these hot moments.

Soram Waitress

However, her happy moments didn’t last long because a notification was suddenly sent to her channel and the screen immediately became dark. Many felt sorry and said that the hot streamer’s moves violated the public standards, leading to her channel’s disappearance. Of course, in addition to negative comments, lots of the viewers still hope to see her once again.

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