Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins is one of the most popular streamers in the world with a giant community. But this Mixer streamer recently announced that he wishes to be known as “one of the greatest gamers” if not the "greatest gamer". Check out his explanation here now.

Ninja Wants To Be Named As “Greatest Gamer”

The streaming star Ninja is one of the biggest streamers in the world now. This 28-year-old streamer says he wants to be named in the list of “greatest gamers of all times”. His goal id becoming a living icon in the game world like David Beckham or Dwayne Johnson, also known as ‘The Rock’.

Leading Name In Fortnite Live Stream
Leading Name In Fortnite Live-Stream

Ninja is widely-known after his collaborations with global superstar Drake. Then, he is more popular after releasing his comic series. This graphic novel of the streamer was titled ‘Ninja: The Most Dangerous Game’. This streamer also joined in a Hollywood film with many stars. Ninja is the only representative of the game world joining in this movie.

Ninja’s Explanation

The streamer shared that he wished to become a legend to stop people from saying “sh*t” about him. So, people attacking or flaming him online, and those belittling his achievements can no longer touch and hurt him. And it makes the streamer excited. He said if he reaches that level, no one will say anything bad or make “sh*t” videos about him.

Ninja Explains Why He Wants To Be The Symbol
Ninja Explains Why He Wants To Be The Symbolic Gamer

Although Ninja hasn’t hit David Beckham’s level, he’s still good on his way with a huge number of fans. He also has his book, movie deals, and his own business. After great success in streaming, Ninja said he realized his goal is bigger than that. He wishes to become an iconic gamer, a symbol like Pele, the original goat. He’s doing lots of things to achieve his goal.

The streaming star achieved great fame after switching from PUBG to Fortnite. However, it makes him feel as if he’s the man on the throne that anyone wants to beat up. He shared his scare about losing viewers’ love after reaching the peak in his career.

Ninja Is The Biggest Name In Fortnite
Ninja Is The Biggest Name In Fortnite

After all, Ninja still loves his career, and keep working and growing as a streamer and gamer. He has never fully left the game world and Ninja would play games till the last day of his life. The streamer also shared that he was doing everything to be remembered as one of the greatest gamer, G.O.A.T.