The YouTube star Mr. Beast is widely-known as a rich YouTuber who gifts funds to everyone who needs them. He donated streamers, tipped a pizza shipper with a big house, and helped a lot of people. And recently, this wealthy YouTube star gave a Knicks fan a great sum of money for his impressive half-court shot. This lucky fan suddenly got over Rs 7 lakh.

Wealthy Youtuber Mr Beast
Wealthy Youtuber Mr. Beast

Mr. Beast noticed a Tweet of Sports Center about the Knicks fan receiving a prize of Rs 0.7 lakh for his epic half-court basket. What impressed the wealthy YouTuber is not the monetary prize but the nice shot. Mr. Beast decided to gift this Knicks fan over 7 lakh.

A Surprise Gift For Impressive Half-Court Shot

In their Tweet, Sports Center uploaded a video of a jaw-dropping half-court shot of a Knicks fan. He made this performance during the break time and the, got a prize of Rs 0.7 lakh. However, the prize didn’t dazzle Mr. Beast. The YouTuber was only impressed by the skill of that fan. He replied on the Tweet and said he would send that man $10,000 (over Rs 7 lakh) for that shot. It was on January 11th, 2020.  

The Tweet From Sports Center
The Tweet From Sports Center

Then, the Knicks fans saw the Tweet and he replied to the YouTuber. It led to a funny conversation between them. Mr. Beast asked the man for evidence to make sure that he gave his cash for the true Knicks fan.

Mr Beasts Reply
Mr. Beast Replied To The Tweet

To reply to the YouTuber’s request, the Knicks fan sent him a humorous video of himself walking down the street. The lucky fan was likely to get a big cash reward for his amazing half-court shot from Mr. Beast. It’s ten times bigger than the scratch-off tickets he received before though he hasn’t confirmed receiving money from Mr. Beast yet.

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Funny Conversation Between Them
Funny Conversation Between Them