Sunny Leone sent her love to India amid the coronavirus pandemic. The beautiful Bollywood actress said she missed her home country so bad but the pandemic has blocked her in LA for months. She also shared about her life and work amid the pandemic. Check it out here with

Sunny Leone Misses India And Wants To Return To Her Home Country

The beautiful actress Sunny Leone flew to LA with her family this May. Now, she's still there and cannot return to India due to the coronavirus outbreak. The 39-year-old actress said she missed her home country so bad and wanted the come back there but it was impossible then.

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She and her family flew to LA this May for vacation. However, they have been blocked there due to the coronavirus outbreak in India as well as the world. The actress said LA house is just her vacation home. India is her real home where her heart always belongs to.

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Sunny is living in LA with her family

Sunny Leone also shares about her life during the quarantine time in LA. She said it was not as exciting as when she was busy with work, taking care of children, and family. In addition, Sunny sent her thanks to everyone for accepting her in the Hindi film industry.

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She spends a lot of time doing exercise

She has a different start in comparison with other actors in Bollywood because she used to be a porn star. Therefore, it was harder and tougher. However, she was still successful because fans and people accepted her. The actress also shares many videos and photos of her daily life in LA to treat fans and followers on Instagram.

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She misses and wants to come back to India

She is working hard on doing exercise and stay healthy. The former porn star spends time taking care of her children and making videos.

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