Sunny Leone is not a stranger in both Bollywood and TikTok anymore, as the famous actress has gained a lot of popularity through her acting in movies and her cute and adorable clips. Sunny often posts her hot pictures and videos on Instagram and recently TikTok to keep fans amused, and that's why she has reached 3.2 crore followers on Instagram now.

Sunny Leone Mrs India Tiktok Instagram Video 2
Sunny Leone has reached 3.2 crore followers on Instagram

Recently, Sunny Leone has posted a video of her dressing as the iconic antagonist in the original Mr. India in 1987, and the Internet has gone completely out of control. It's not only thanks to her costume, but also Sunny's magic trick with the hula hoop that makes the clip goes viral!

Let's have a look with Gurugamer below:

Sunny Leone posted her Mrs. India portraying video, immediately went viral

The entire Bollywood is concerning about the remake of the 1987 Hindi movie - Mr. India, which is the iconic blockbuster at that time. However, this remake is facing a lot of criticism regarding its rights to reproduce the product without asking for permission. Sonam Kapoor is the most disappointed one in this news, stating that the producing team had asked neither the director - Shekhar Kapur nor her main actor - Anil Kapoor (Sonam's father) for the remake.

Sunny Leone Mrs India Tiktok Instagram Video 5
Sonam Kapoor is very upset at the remake of Mr. India

But set that story aside, Mr. India is still a sensational movie, and Sunny Leone doesn't want to miss such a good chance to release her new video. The video features Sunny wearing the sexy yellow jumpsuit - referring to the titular antagonist of the movie - Mrs. India (starred by Amrish Puri), and do a magic trick with the hula hoop!

You can see it below:

Amid the raging comments on the remake, Sunny Leone has made a hilarious approach to the movie, and the viewers are very excited about it. The video features Sunny doing the invisible trick with a hula hoop - which works almost the same as Harry Potters's invisible cloak! Sunny humorously captioned: "Maybe I don't need the watch to be Invisible anymore!!". In the original movie, Anil Kapoor uses his luxurious gold watch to turn invisible and become Mr. India.

Sunny Leone Mrs India Tiktok Instagram Video 6
The power of video editing and the way Sunny plays with the hula hoop make the video trending

The power of editing and the splendid expression from the sensational Bollywood dancer and actress has made the Internet go wild. Only in the first hour, her video has reached 4 lakh views, and that number has risen to 14 lakh for now. Fans are dropping fire emojis at the comment section, and Sunny's husband - Daniel Webber - is also among them. "This is so dope !!!!" - said Daniel.

Sunny Leone Mrs India Tiktok Instagram Video 4
Her video has become incredibly viral both on Instagram and TikTok

Sunny Leone is a former pornstar turned Bollywood diva with her debut in Jism 2. She mainly gained the public's recognition after participating in Bigg Boss Season 5, and since then, she has taken part in numerous movies and dance MV, which surprised Indian viewers for her acting and dancing skills.

Sunny Leone Mrs India Tiktok Instagram Video 1
Sunny Leone is a hot face on social media