The coronavirus outbreak is killing more and more people around the world every day, but that not the only consequence. Many public places, companies have been closed temporarily for months and caused many people to get jobless. People have to stay in their homes for a long time without any way to make money to pay their monthly bills. Especially when America is now first in the number of coronavirus cases.

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American has the most coronavirus cases

Many people are really in need of support really soon to get through the hardship that they are facing. But the last thing they can expect is to receive $3000 from their favorite idol, Taylor Swift.

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Samantha got $3000 from Taylor Swift as the famous singer knew about her hardship

Samantha Jacobson has been a fan of Taylor Swift for a long time. She worked as a server at Disney World in Orlando. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the bar where she worked at had to close temporarily to prevent coronavirus from spreading. She wrote a post on Tumblr a few days ago about her situation to seeks help and miraculously, Taylor Swift PM her and offered her $3000 as a help.

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A photographer called Holly Turner, who is also a fan of Taylor Swift received $3000 to hang on to her place in New York

Another Taylor Swift fan named Holly Turner also received $3000 from Taylor Swift on Wednesday. She is a music photographer and graphic designer in New York. With the hardship that coronavirus has brought to her, she was unable to stay in New York anymore. But  Taylor Swift has come to the rescue and gave her $3000 to save her.

Those were some really unexpected good deed that Taylor Swift has done for her fans. This is such an unbelievable gesture from such a famous singer like her, who has millions of fans around the world.