Besides good knowledge, attractive appearance is also one of the top factors to help many teachers become popular and easily inspire multiple generations of students across the world.

Park Hyun Seo

1988-born lecturer Park Hyun Seo has drawn lots of attention on social networks due to her lovely face and sexy appearance. After graduating from Busan University, Korea, she has become a lecturer and often joins many events and conferences at multiple universities. Park Hyun Seo also works as an MC and a model with nearly 2 lakh followers on social networks.

Hyun Seo

Hyun Seo 1

Hyun Seo 2

Hyun Seo 3

Park Hyun Seo

Hyun Seo 4

Jordyn Goddard

Jordyn Goddard is known as a talented and beautiful elementary teacher with a unique teaching method. Last year, she took part in a beauty contest in Columbia and gained the final victory.

Jordyn Goddard

Jordyn then quitted job at the elementary school and now, she becomes a firefighter. She often shares photos of her daily life and work on her private page, and receives lots of praise.

Jordyn Goddard 1

Jordyn Goddard 2

Jordyn Goddard 3

Jordyn Goddard 4

Pietro Boselli

The next name on the list of top teachers with prominent appearance is Pietro Boselli who has become a phenomenon on social networks in 2015 thanks to a photo of his giving a lecture. He works as a maths lecturer at University College London. With a handsome face and muscular body, Pietro Boselli is called the world’s sexiest teacher by the netizens.

Pietro Boselli

After 5 years of taking spotlights, his social account has had more than 27 lakh followers. He has become a photo model for many fashion brands such as Attitude, Vogue, Abercrombie & Fitch. Pietro now works in both educational and modeling fields. The netizens send big love to his sexy and energetic photos.

Pietro Boselli 1

Pietro Boselli 2

Pietro Boselli 3

Pietro Boselli 4

Pietro Boselli 5

Benjawan Som

Benjawan Som is one of the English teachers at a language school in Hua Hin, Thailand. She graduated from Chulalongkorn University - a reputable public university in this country. The female teacher used to work as a flight attendant for Etihad Airways.

Benjawan Som

Besides her career as a teacher, Benjawan is also known as an endorser for many fashion brands. She has made a powerful impression due to her fresh appearance, white skin, and charming smile.

Benjawan Som 1

Benjawan Som 2

Benjawan Som 3

Benjawan Som 4

Nicholas Ferroni

Nicholas Ferroni is the last name on this list of teachers with outstanding appearance. He now works as a history teacher at Union High School in the United States. He has had 17-year experience and won many great awards.

Nicholas Ferroni

It worth mentioning that Nicholas used to appear on the list of 100 typical characters when launching a campaign called “Teach The Truth”. He has also received lots of interest from educationists and publishers due to his unique and inspirational teaching techniques.

Nicholas Ferroni 1

Nicholas Ferroni 2

Nicholas Ferroni 3

Nicholas Ferroni 4

Nicholas Ferroni 5

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