Beer Passaranan is a young beautiful streamer from Thailand. This pretty girl has a lot of fans and followers on Instagram and YouTube. Moreover, her sweet beauty makes a lot of gamers' hearts race.

Thailand Streamer Makes Your Heart Race With Her Sweet Beauty

Beer Passaranan is from Thailand. She has over 7.2 lakh followers on Instagram and more than 4.3 lakh subscribers on YouTube. Passaranan is so beautiful that she made a lot of netizens and also gamers go nuts.

Beer Passaranan 1
Passaranan is very beautiful, so she is pretty popular in Thailand and many other Southeast Asian countries.

This hot girl was born in 1995, so she is very young now. She is also known as Bizcuitbeer. Passaranan often treats fans and followers with her stunning pictures on Instagram. Moreover, the streamer also melts our hearts with her sweet and beautiful voice when she covers pop hits in her videos on YouTube.

Beer Passaranan 2
Passaranan has great expressions when posing for photoshoots.

A lot of fans even hope that she will become a singer with that beautiful appearance and voice. However, she suddenly decided to work as a game streamer. She often plays Arena of Valor on her broadcasts.

Beer Passaranan 3
Passaranan soon became a famous game streamer.

She was also invited to control the esports event AIC 2020 as an MC. Here are some beautiful looks of Passaranan on Instagram. Just take a look.

Beer Passaranan 4
This pretty girl has many hot and sexy bikini photos.
Beer Passaranan 5
She looks really sweet and adorable when smiling.
Beer Passaranan 6
Passaranan is more charming with long hair and more adorable with short hair.
Beer Passaranan 7
She has white silky skin and sexy red lips.
Beer Passaranan 8
She also knows how to pose and act in front of the camera.
Beer Passaranan 9
This hot streamer also has an impressive height and slim body.
Beer Passaranan 10
Moreover, her sweet face also makes male gamers go nuts.
Beer Passaranan 11
Passaranan got a lot of compliments for her Asian beauty.
Beer Passaranan 12
Although she rarely wears revealing outfits in her live-streams, Passaranan still attracts a lot of audiences.
Beer Passaranan 13
She also covers many pop hits on YouTube.
Beer Passaranan 14
Her sweet voice also melts our hearts.
Beer Passaranan 15
She has a baby face that makes men's hearts race.
Beer Passaranan 16
This Thailand hot girl looks like a Kpop idol in this photo.
Beer Passaranan 18
She also has beautiful eyes.