Matt Reeves, director of DC’s next flagship movie, “The Batman” just uploaded a camera test video which contains Robert Pattinson in his new Batsuit. A lot of shots were included in the short video, albeit heavily shadowed. The suit’s new Bat Symbol and the actor in his cowl was the highlight of the test.

The director has been leaking out various smaller details related to the movie using social media. After the DC cinematic universe’s failures in Batman v Superman and Justice League, a lot of pressures were put on Pattinson, as his job is to erase the mistakes of the past. It is still unclear how they would do the soft reboot to replace Ben Affleck's version of Batman with Pattinson's, however.

Batman Robert Pattinson Fan Art Detective
Pattinson's Batman would look rather similar to the Arkham video game version, as his build and face are mostly identical to video game Bruce Wayne

The new suit’s chest plate armor has a lot of straight cut lines without many round edges, which also extends to its arms and shoulders part. Overall, the design reminds people of Nolan’s Batman trilogy, which is a realistic take on Batman’s suits and equipment. About the cowl – the design appears to be more rounded than usual. Apparently, it was made from leather and stitched from various smaller parts. This is the second time the Batsuit was brought up during public announcement. Robert Pattinson, after trying out the costume for the first time last year, described it as “pretty cool”.

Zoe Kravitz's Catwoman would be closer to the comic that the previous 2012 version by Hathaway

In addition to this reveal, Reeves has also shared a set photo of The Batman, along with various roles reveal. Zoe Kravitz would be Catwoman, Colin Farrell as Penguin, Andy Serkis as Alfred… and more. Joker might even get replaced, as the public's reception of Jared Leto's version is very poor.

The Batman is scheduled to release on Jun 25, 2021. Interested in more information related to comic book based movies? Please check out this post for the direction of Marvel's Phase 4.