Both California, the location of the event, and the whole United States was hit with the coronavirus plague, which makes holding a tournament very risky. Various companies have pulled out from the event as well: from Sony to Microsoft to CDPR. Overall, those organizations want their own thing, their own event that they could showcase their works without having to share the spotlight with a few dozen more companies. This would be the first time since 1995 that the annual show would not be held.

E3 Dumptster Fire 800x450
E3 has pretty much become a dumpster fire by now

Based on reports, the ESA was supposed to release an official announcement today, but that was somehow postponed. However, the companies that are going to attend the event all released warnings so that people who have booked flights and hotels for E3 would be able to cancel. This cancelation notice appears just days after the state of emergency was declared in California, after a coronavirus outbreak. Currently, there have been 31 deaths and over 1000 infected cases reported across the US. Just last week, E3 agents have assured participants that the event is still going to be held, but that turned out to not be the case.

The event last year did attract a lot of attention

E3 2020 follows a massive line of canceled entertainment events. Due to the virus, lots of events have been ditched this year: From the annual Game Developers Conference in San Francisco to the Taipei Game Show, along with a massive number of specific Esports events.

This year’s E3 was going to be a reimagined version of the show that would contain various new experiential zones, stage experiences, live events, and more. Turned out, all those things are incorrect, as the company responsible for those content pulled out after just five weeks of preparing. With E3 2020 canceled, it is likely that the companies would try to hold their own events either on stream or live. This would no doubt affect the smaller companies or dev teams that cannot afford such an act.

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