The Division 2 is preparing for its first private beta period, and this one's going to include quite a large proportion of the game's content. Through this beta, Ubisoft hopes to bring as much as information for players so that we can know precisely what Ubisoft's latest looter-shooter will bring about.

The Division 2 Private Beta features include Dark Zone gameplay, organized PvP, a portion of the game's Story mode, and several side-missions to choose from. A particularly exciting feature will be the inclusion of The Division 2 Invaded mission, which will allow a special endgame specialization as well.

The Division 2 Private Beta Start and End Times

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The Division 2's Private Beta will have the following start and end times:
February 7th, 10 AM GMT
February 11th, 10 AM GMT

February 7th is Thursday, so the Private Beta will be running for the duration of that particular weekend, By doing this, Ubisoft shows that they want as many as possible players can access to the beta, play the game and give the game some proper constructive comments because, again, Ubisoft is packing a fair bit of stuff in this demo.

The Division 2 Private Beta Content

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Playing The Division 2's Private Beta, players will be granted access to the following content:
- Two main missions, available in Story, Normal, and Hard Mode
- Five side missions and additional activities in the open world
- Unique PvPvE gameplay in one of the three new Dark Zones
- Organized PvV gameplay in Skirmish Conflict mode

As an added bonus, starting February 8th, at 4 PM GMT, players will also be granted access to the special endgame content that's not been mentioned all that much as of yet: the Invaded mission.
It being endgame means that players' beta equipment simply won't cut it, and so Ubisoft will offer three different endgame specializations to try playing Invaded with.

If you're interested, you can go to The Division 2's official website and try registering for Beta access right now, though the Private Beta itself will only be guaranteed to players who've pre-ordered the game. If there's room left once pre-orders are already in, Ubisoft will be picking registered players to join in randomly.