When something has become a true profession, there will certainly be some kinds of troubles for those who do that profession. Gaming, of course, is not an exception. We have seen a lot of pro gamers or full-time content creators getting burned out, so they have to take a long break to recover themselves. Not just about mental health, the physical health of gamers is certainly affected as well. That is why all big esports organizations all over the world nowadays have to have gym schedule for their pro gamers. But then, major injuries still happen to pro gamers.

For the pro gamers, they will certainly face physical injuries. They know it, and they have prepared for that. But for regular gamers like us, we do not have experts, special treatment, and the equipment to fully recover from gaming injuries if they come to us. That is why we all should have a proper gaming schedule, and moreover, we should learn the exercises that pro gamers do to reduce.

That is why we have gathered down here the list of the easiest stretch exercises for you guys. These stretch exercises can be done with the minimum effort, and they normally cost you about 5 minutes only, so you guys can do them during the time between your matches. And who knows, the exercises may help you win more chicken dinners. Without keeping you guys waiting, we will come down to the tips right now.

Exercise number one: massage your hands with warm water

Actually, the first tip should be taking a rest for five minutes every one hour of gaming. But we think you guys all know that, and to be honest, if you guys can’t even do that, then we think the rest of this article is worthless to you. Taking a rest for five minutes after a long match or after playing for an hour is extremely important.

Warm water is extremely helpful when it comes to recovering our bodies

But taking some rest is not enough, of course. This first exercise we recommend may sound a bit weird, but it is extremely helpful, even if you are living in a city with hot weather. Just prepare a small bucket of comfortably warm water and then put your hand in there relaxingly. Gently move your fingers up and down so that all the muscles in your hands can feel relaxed.

Exercise number two: stretching your hands and fingers

There is a series of postures for your hands and fingers in this exercise, and all you need to do is to copy these postures and stretch your hand muscles. Look at the below pics to know the postures.

Screenshot 1
Posture one: full fist

Screenshot 2
Posture two: wide open

Screenshot 3
Posture three: half table

Screenshot 4
Posture four: claw fist

Screenshot 5
Posture five: half fist

Screenshot 6
And we go back to full fist posture

We recommend doing this series of postures for about five times. You guys should do it with proper speed, not too slow but not too fast. The key to this exercise is that in each posture, you have to stretch your hand and fingers the most.

Exercise number three: backward stretching your fingers.

Fully open your hand, and you take the other hand to stretch the fingers backward. Please do this exercise gently, or else you can even hurt yourself if you stretch your fingers too hard.

Exercise number four: Taking care of the thumb.

The thumbs are very important. It is true to say that only we have actual thumbs that can work properly. And our thumbs carry a huge amount of daily work, especially when you play video games. That is why we recommend that you should take care of your thumbs more.

Screenshot 7
Bending your thumb like that, but please do it gently

In this exercise, you raise your thumb in one hand up and use the other hand to squeeze the middle joint in that thumb gently. From there, you move the above part of that thumb back and forward multiple times to relax the muscle of your thumb. Please keep in mind that our thumbs are very important and sensitive, so you guys have to do this exercise really carefully and gently. An injury in the thumb will take much more time to heal.

Exercise number five: freely shaking your hands and fingers

This exercise is really simple and straightforward. You just let loose your hands and then shake your hands and fingers freely. That is it, simple and straightforward like that.

Exercise number six: stretching all of your arms

When we play games, we usually put our whole arms in one position only. And that is why you should have an exercise to release all muscles in your arms.

Raise one arm up in the parallel position with the ground. Open your hands, but close your fingers together. Then take the other arm and pull back the fingers of the first arm. Keep that position for about 30 seconds. And then continue to stretch the below part of the stretching arm.

Screenshot 8
The first arm stretching position

Screenshot 9
The second arm stretching position

Exercise number seven: massaging the fingers

This is the final exercise we want to recommend to you guys today. The fingers are important, so after finishing any gaming sections (no matter long or short), we all recommend you to massage the fingers for about ten minutes (five minutes each hand).

You open one hand comfortably, and then you use another hand to press the opening hand gently. The key point here is that you press both the upper and below of the hand (you should use your thumb and middle finger of the other hand). Start pressing from the lower part of the hand, and then running to the tips of the fingers. Each finger should be massaged for about one minute.

Screenshot 10
Start to press from the lower part of the hand

Screenshot 11
And then reach to the finger tips

Those are all the tips and exercises we want to recommend to you guys. If you can do these exercises every day, then we can guarantee that your gaming record will be improved.