By now, the only way for you to not know about the Area 51 trend is living inside Area 51 and having no internet connection for three months continuously. Starting from July this year, there has been a call for people to storm the Area 51 – a highly classified military base in the US because people believe the US government is keeping the aliens inside there. The founder of this idea calls for a storm onto Area 51 on September 20th this year with the iconic “Naruto run” to find proofs about the existence of the alien life.

The original call for a storm on Area 51 on Facebook

At first, this idea was created on Facebook with the simple assumption that the US army "can't stop all of us". But then, this joke has seriously escalated beyond the level of a joke. There have been millions of memes every day to remind and encourage people to join the Area 51 storm, and there have been more than one serious warnings from the authority.

Best Area 51 Memes
Area 51 Memes are all over the internet now

The main event of the Area 51 storm has been over (to be fair, we cant call it a storm since people just showed up at the gate doing the “Naruto run” around outside the gate). Although nobody was damaged or arrested at the main event, the first Naruto runners in Area 51 was actually caught way before the main event took place.

Alien Hunters Area 51
The raid in reality

They were Govert Sweep (21 years old) and Ties Granzier (20 years old). Both of them are famous Youtubers coming from the Netherlands. They managed to park their cars 5 kilometers inside the military base. They both admitted that they could understand English well, and they had seen the 'no trespassing' signs. However, these two Youtubers said that they were so curious, so they decided to go inside anyway.

Screenshot 7
Faces of the first and only Naruto Runners being caught

The officers found multiple cameras, phones, laptops, and a drone in the car of these two Youtubers. Both of these two men have paid $500 dollars as bail money to go free shortly after being arrested.