It may sound weird and a bit beyond imagination that a picture of Sonic the Hedgehog was bid for £10,000,000 (more than Rs 90,3 crore) on eBay. But this seems to be possible if it was the YouTube old King Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg who listed the drawing on eBay.

The owner of the YouTube channel with the second most subscription in the world appears to be surrounded by strange news. PewDiePie posted a tweet on May 4 that he would be adding an A5 picture of Sonic the Hedgehog to his list on eBay, noting that “It pains me to sell this that I have held on to for so long, but money is tight.”

It’s hard to buy the words of this man that “money is tight,” judging his estimated income of 12 million every year. However, many fans of him are willing to support the streamer in his financial problem as stated.

The drawing comes in for a lot of criticism over the design of the character in its upcoming film, resulting in the director of the movie publicly announcing that his design would be changed. PewDiePie created a parody using the image and posted it online with the title “Fixing Sonic the Hedgehog.”

Sonic The Hedgehog Pewdiepie Parody
The drawing of Sonic The Hedgehog by Pewdiepie

The picture on eBay, without surprise, has gained enormous attention since May 4 and as we can see, it quickly received a bid for £10,000 in 19 minutes and then £1 million. However, both of the two previous bids were incomparable to the £10 million from a secret benefactor

Pewdiepie Sonic Ebay Bid
Pewdiepie's Sonic drawing Ebay Bid

It never crossed the streamer’s mind that his intended initially “joke” would receive so much response, so he has decided to remove the picture from eBay recently.

There is no response from PewDiePie about the attention that the listing got yet, but considering what we have known about the king of YouTube, it may be revealed soon.