In June 2018, Bethesda sued Warner Bros and Westworld's developer Behavior Interactive for “blatantly ripping off” their game Fallout Shelter. According to Bethesda, Behavior used the same copyrighted computer code as Fallout Shelter that was created when they were partners in 2015. Bethesda also pointed out that the bug happened in Westworld is similar to the bug in the early version of Fallout Shelter (which is now fixed). In addition, the game design, animations, features, art style and other gameplay elements of the two games are alike.


Warner Bros, the publisher and copyrights holder of Westworld, responded that Bethesda's accusation is unsubstantiated and confirmed that there was none of Bethesda’s code used in Westworld. Moreover, Warner Bros emphasized that they never let Behavior use Fallout Shelter’s source code in Westworld.

Fallout Shelter and Westworld comparison

However, on 12th December, the suit came to an end when the federal court received a notice that the two parties had resolved this dispute internally. The notice indicated that they will bear the attorney’s fees and their own cost separately. Bethesda Softworks removed their claims and these claims will never be brought again. Before, Bethesda implicitly gave out a statement that the case can be solved amicably but don’t reveal the terms.

Westworld is now available on both iOS and Android devices

Westworld is a mobile training stimulation game which lets players build their own world as well as creating and maintaining “hosts” to serve the guest. Players will see many similar things to the famous Westworld TV series in the game like the characters, background,... but less bloody and violent. Besides, the 2D artwork is suitable for all ages.

Build and control the world of Westworld

Westworld is now free and still available on the App Store and Google Play if you want to give it a try. Additionally, don’t forget to check out Fallout Shelter, too.