After his controversially world-famous marriage with the virtual Vocaloid Hatsune Miku, Akihiko Kondo recently appeared on TV again. This time, he reportedly took his “wife” to a romantic honeymoon.

NHK TV ’s show called “Tokoro-San, It’s an accident" specializes in exploring the bizarre things that are happening in Japan’s modern society. The topic of their May 7 episode was “Are the 2D fictional characters better than real people”. It talked about the employment of virtual restaurant waitress, shop staff, and the popular VTuber culture in Japan.

kondo marry hatsune
Akihiko Kondo married Hatsune Miku in December 2018

Later in the show, they took a look at a man who was traveling with his wife. It’s the seemingly ordinary civil service worker Akihiko Kondo. The man came by a big truck to visit his “sleeping wife” - a Hatsune Miku customized figure. To Kondo, it was a special day for him - the long-anticipated trip to a hot spring hotel with his “wife”. 

kondo akihiko
Kondo moved to the truck
placed hatsune miku
He carefully placed Hatsune Miku on the wheelchair
kondo marry hatsune move
Kondo moves his wife around on a wheelchair

The video then shows Akihiko Kondo lifted his wife out of the truck, carefully put her in a wheelchair, and made their way into the hotel. Other guests startled as he confirmed with the receptionist that he made a reservation for two.

Kondo reservation
Kondo asking for his room for two reservation
kondo marry hatsune order
Kondo even let Hatsune Miku order her food

When asked by the interviewer what made him want to marry Hatsune, Kondo revealed a shockingly haunted reason. He was continuously bullied by female colleagues in the workplace for almost a year. It started with their swearings at little things, then deliberately cursing and saying horrible things about him. It eventually got in his head, creating a severe mental problem. 

kondo marry hatsune depression
Hatsune Miku saved Kondo from depression
kondo suffered
Kondo had suffered a lot in the past

Kondo claimed that it was Hatsune Miku’s songs that helped him get through that tough time, forget his negative feelings, and be happy at last. He then convinced that the virtual singer is the one for him. Akihiko Kondo ordered a customized version of Hatsune Miku for their first marriage anniversary. He was thrilled when he could finally hold his wife’s hands, touched her shoulder, and hug her. 

After the program was aired, Akihiko Kondo once again became the center of attention. "Marry Hatsune Miku" rushed to the top of the Twitter search list. Kondo also posted a tweet,  hoping to promote a new pursuit of happiness through his story. He said he was one of many who had feelings for virtual characters. He urged people to respect the diversity of modern society, and that everyone could freely marry anyone they want. Kondo stated that he was ready to abandon the real-life to be a 2D character and live with his wife. 

kondo marry hatsune
Akihiko Kondo is now happy with his wife
take picture hatsune miku
He casually takes pictures of his wife
kondor pour tea
Kondo loves enjoying tea with his wife