How quick can one play Tetris? In the case of this teenager, he can blitz through the puzzle classic in no time.

Joseph Saelee, 16 years old, has defeated the seven-time and current reigning world champion of Tetris, Jonas Neubauer, securing the official title for himself.

The Classic World Championship of Tetris wrapped up in the Oregon Convention Center at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo this Sunday.

Joseph Saelee Final Game
Joseph took down the previous champion

This World Championship still utilizes the very same Nintendo Tetris version that has been in use since the World Championship of Tetris in 1990.

The competitors can bring unmodified standard NES controllers of their own. In addition, they are also allowed to use the “hypertapping” technique. What is this technique? The organizer has explained it as a technique involves tapping constantly on the D-pad instead of just holding the button down. The number of people using this kind of technique is not that high. However, the new reigning king of the game, Saelee, does indeed use it.

Also making an appearance in this World Championship’s finals was another previous world champion, Harry Hong, who became the very first player in history to get the highest score possible of 999999 Tetris points. In addition, there was also the Japanese legendary master of Tetris, Koryan.

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Jonas with his 2017 trophy

We have put the full video of the final fight down at the end of this article. However, if you are only interested in seeing Saelee winning his championship against the legendary 7-time world champion, then here it is:

2018 Tetris World Championship - Final Round Match

As you can see, both of these players are just seriously swift. In the final moment, we have for ourselves a new legend, a shiny brand-new world champion of Tetris. It is needless to say how wild the crowd went the moment this teenage youngling defeated the arguably longest reigning champion of this game.